hello, world!

I am a computational epidemiologist and biomedical scientist with a focus on infectious diseases dynamics. I currently have a position as a postdoctoral Research Fellow at LSHTM. Together with Dr. Stefan Flasche and others I develop models of respiratory syncyctial virus (RSV) transmission.

My general research interest lies in understanding biological mechanisms and establishing the best way to translate these mechanisms into mathematical models. I also have a newly developed interest in machine learning methods, particularly natural language processing (NLP) and its application in epidemiological research.

My current main areas of research include

  • determinants of seasonality of endemic infectious diseases
  • understanding the effects of pharmaceutical interventions on disease dynamics and comparing different vaccination strategies

Methodologically, I use various compartmental ODE models fitted in a Bayesian framework using HMC/MCMC methods. My preferred languages are julia (yes it IS fast) and R. Together with Pietro Monticone and Claudio Moroni, we have recently started the Julia Epi Github Org, which is a codebase for Julia packages and scripts related to epidemiological research. We plan to expand the Julia Epi universe in the near future and translate popular R packages to Julia.